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About Me

Hello! Welcome! Let me introduce myself…

There is a wisdom that comes through the cards and through the Oracle, something that is not hidden or shielded. It is the truth brought forward, with the highest love and best intentions. Working with the oracle and tarot cards as my tools combined with intuitive senses, I am able to connect to more than me, more than the person in front of me. It is a time our souls, higher selves, and all that is Spirit connect with each other and the universe, and with energy on many levels, to help us on our journey. It can be funny and enlightening, serious and detailed, profound and insightful, reassuring and supportive, or all of this at once.

Through my journey, I realize that in my youth, I already used cards. I was amazed! I went through a phase of creating meaning for a deck of Swiss playing cards (from a friend’s family) to help see and understand how a day would unfold. I also used the cards to see if I could detect my favourite card within the deck - the Ace of Shields which looked like two intertwined hearts. Then as an adult, while working in my practice as a clinical consulting dietitian-nutritionist, I found myself searching, knowing there was something else for me but not sure what. I started learning about a Tarot card deck.

Life brings some unexpected twists and turns, to say the least. Through a difficult phase of multiple miscarriages, I found myself being guided to energy work and my spiritual side. I birthed an Oracle if you like. I choose to believe so and hope my children in spirit are pleased. This phase progressed with help to learning about my intuition, interpreting the cards and the messages and has continued to this day. Imagine my amazement when I found the teenage box that contained that first deck I mentioned above and the evidence I was pulling cards for myself way back then.

I am deeply honoured and blessed to have discovered my connection to my oracle self and the oracle & tarot cards. They have chosen to work with me and through me, and I am very grateful. When we sit down together, it feels like coming home. The connection, the sense of peace that comes with it, is very deep and quite fascinating. I continue to learn as I do readings for myself and others. I continue to expand my knowledge through teachers and mystics. And I continue to open up to listen and to feel and to be aware. Bringing light, clarity, wisdom, and guidance to someone’s day and life is a great gift, and one that gives back to me each time.

Wishing you peace and love, light blessings,


BlueWater Oracle

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