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Owl Wisdom – May Oracle Intuitive Reading – Year Wheel 2024
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Owl Wisdom – May Oracle Intuitive Reading – Year Wheel 2024

We move into the month of May with our Year Wheel readings. May comes with a card from the Halloween Oracle. Interesting because it's not Halloween but it doesn't matter because this is a deck that wants to work all year for me since it came new-to-me early in October of 2023 (this reading is written and recorded in the last day of 2023).

For May, from the Halloween Oracle, we get Owl. Love it.

You see the bright serious wisdom eyes of the Owl. It is in flight having its shadow as it passes over the moon. It says Owl “Wise seeing, wise action”.

Remember that so far this year, we've had a lot of introspection and awareness coming in through the cards and readings, with understanding of our mind and our thoughts. Then in April we had “Hearing Messages from Spirit”. And now we get Wisdom coming through the Owl - wise seeing and wise action.

You will see shadow in your own life. You will see shadow in your experience and in how you work with things, that's part of life. We have to have darkness. We have to have shadow. It is part of existence here on this planet and us as humans. You will also see and notice shadow in other people and how they respond, how they react, and whether they work with wisdom or, maybe not so much. You're becoming aware to see it and then to choose your actions, wise action.

If you are putting shadow upon others or recognizing shadow within them, you need to know what you're doing with it, you need to know why: why is it wise, why is it necessary, why is it important. Or is it rather that that silent flight that happens with the Owl, is so that it can get to a destination with the least impact of others around unless it's absolutely necessary and valuable. Your wise choices. Your wise actions. You are seeing, you have sight, and then you are choosing actions. Being really aware in this month of May 2024, of the actions you are choosing.

I feel it is actually going to be a very active month for a lot of people. There is going to be a lot of things shifting, changing, and being possible. Opportunities coming in and things being worked on, which is quite different than the other months so far. However, it needs to be done with a perspective of wisdom. It needs to be done with “what have I seen?” and then “what am I choosing as my wise action?”.

All that stuff that you might have worked on, worked through, become aware of, or noticed earlier in 2024 now comes to fruition as you are going to go into action. Where are you flying towards? Where are you flying towards when you do take that choice like an Owl to step off the tree and to launch into flight? Does it need a lot of wing action and go, go, go, or is it catching the wind gliding and soaring into something?

Remind yourself to let yourself see as you are doing it. This isn't an I see, I choose action and that's it type of momentum. No. It is I see, I choose action… oh, I see, I choose action… I see, I choose action. Shadow and light. Adjusting. Constantly in that dance. A dance we do every single day.  We do night and day everyday. Daylight and nighttime, every single day.  We have shadow within. We have light within. It's all part of the balance.

Like the Moon on this card, the Moon is always present but we see parts of it differently depending on the time of the month. You can look also to the Moon if it is something of interest to you in the month of May (and the months before too but specifically in the month of May). There feels as though there's perhaps a reconnection to make. At the time of doing this reading, I had not looked ahead to May to see if there's something extra special happening with the moon cycles, but it could be really important or pertinent to you. Check in with that and see, see if it resonates, and remember the wisdom of that wise Owl.

In April you have had Messages from Spirit and then we move into May with the Owl which is often considered, in many ways, to be a messenger, with wisdom. Sight and wisdom. Choices on the actions. Seeing and then making choices of actions. See and choose actions. Adjust. Play. Like those feathers of the Owl’s wings. They will adjust a little bit over here and then a bit over here. Adjust and go. Flap when needed. Glide silently when needed. Action, silence – light, dark – in balance.

Beautiful card, beautiful.


BlueWater Oracle

May’s Oracle Intuitive Reading as part of the 2024 Year Wheel features the Halloween Oracle Cards by Stacey Demarco, published by Blue Angel.

The video version of this reading can be found directly with this link:

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