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January Reading Iceberg-Submerged Card 2024
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January Reading Iceberg-Submerged Card 2024

Let's see what January of 2024 is coming to, for us, with the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. So, from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards… Oooh we get wintery card for those of us in the North we get the Iceberg, the Submerged card.

Iceberg - Submerged

You see two big icebergs. We presume they're two, there could be one with a big crack in the middle, otherwise there's two that are about to come together perhaps to collide or maybe one is going right behind the other one. We see between them in this space. We see what could be other ice, could be rock, could be land, sky, there's water, and of course there are icebergs.

What is submerged? What's underneath? Generally, with icebergs when the top is smaller the bottom is larger because otherwise it flips right? (My limited understanding of icebergs but that's general.)

What is submerged coming into January? This feels like it is a huge invitation to look at 2023, to look at other big events in your life: great things, difficult things, wondrous celebrations, really intense moments, and say alright what is submerged that needs to come up to air? What is submerged that has been pivotal for me that has really set my base, my stage, for whatever I'm living and experiencing now. It's allowing things that are buried deep down perhaps, to have a space and time to come up on your own or guided or supported, of course. You don't have to do these things alone, and maybe you don't need to do it at all. Maybe it's just bringing in that awareness that there's stuff that that is within us or within the Earth or within the land or within our history that needs to have a voice, needs to be seen and known, and then what does that look like for you.

Where are you submerging things that are absolutely relevant and absolutely important that they come to the light of day, that they come up into your own awareness and maybe to help you and to help others also?

What is meeting? What is connecting? Are these Icebergs missing each other and is that pertinent, is that important, do we not want them to crash together? Are they going to meet and just come up to each other, that connection, that new position, so that you know maybe people can jump over or that the water underneath shifts or that something else happens with this connecting, with this aligning, with this joining of the ice?

Where's the difference between what you perceive as frigid, frozen, limited, cold, barren, to… sparkling, to… powerful, to… resourceful in a way that's different than what you would already think about. You know when we think about ice many of us can picture videos, if we haven't been to the high North, which I have not. I picture the videos of polar bears traversing on the ice, of people with sled dogs and with snowmobiles trekking, the whales, the Narwhals, the seals, all of these creatures that live and depend on that frozen area, those frozen areas, High North and High South. For many it will look as if there's nothing there or there's nothing going on, but for others it is life and it is submerged in that depth of cold and sparkling and bright bright sun, clear skies, pure or almost pure white snow, the dark of the water, and that deep deep blue.

What is in Iceberg and Submerged that comes at the beginning of this year to bring your awareness up, to show you things that you wouldn't have seen otherwise? You couldn't see when there's forest and plants and people all gathering but maybe you can see in this phase of the year. Maybe you can see as you say: okay New Year - what does that mean for me - what has been submerged - what has been pertinent from the past year, and what comes forward? What do I bring forward? What do I choose? What do I see? Where do I stand? Is it a perspective that I'm in a little boat here looking through these massive icebergs going “Wow that's pretty big” or am I sitting on top going “Ah-ha, look at me, look at the view I have! Look at everything underneath that I'm aware of and learned and have worked with, and all the expanse above and what that's bringing me and showing me.”

There's a lot of perspective here. There's a lot of moving and movement because the icebergs are always moving. They are shifting and they are changing, especially in this format.

What is submerged? That is important for you to know, to understand, and to work with in this new phase of the year. It is super interesting. I hope that's helpful; I hope that brings something different.

Remember that readings can sometimes feel really cryptic. They can feel cryptic and they can feel a bit metaphorical. So you might want to sit with them, you might want to journal, you might want to meditate, you might want to pull your own cards around it, or of course to work with somebody to have a bigger expansion as you ask “What does this mean for me?” and “Why is this important for me?”

That is the card for January 2024.


The reading, video, and transcribed notes from it are done by Sheila Bicknell – BlueWater Oracle. The Year Wheel Reading Video was recorded and created on Dec 31st 2023. The video can be found here:

This January card is from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, published by Hay House.

The theme cards for the year are from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn and the Dragon Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper, as well as the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer, all published by Hay House.

(This post was originally published January 25, 2024 on my earlier website.)

January Year Wheel Iceberg Submerged plus year theme cards 2024