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A Heart Message this February – Wisdom & Wholeness
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A Heart Message this February – Wisdom & Wholeness

Originally posted and published February 2 2022 on my original website.

A heart message this February Lotus Flower – Unfoldment Within the heart is a universe unfolding. Your life is a multitude of chapters within that story. Your heart is a wisdom keeper. It is also part of all that will share the knowing from times past, times present, and energy to come. It vibrates so deeply and wonderfully because it contains so much life and so much about life.

Your journey and your story are one. They are lived and told from different perspectives. From the perspective of the lotus flower passing from seed, growing into plant, up through the mud and water to reach the light above and bloom. From the perspective of the hand in the clouds supporting, touching, and holding as it experiences. From the clouds themselves shifting and changing with each passing breathe and heartbeat. And from the light, shining within and without at all times.

At this point in your journey, there is a need to pause and breathe. Take a deep breathe that welcomes all of the storylines and all of the perspectives together into you, together with you. Feel your heart welcoming them and allowing them to cross a threshold into becoming one. Your heart holds all of this. Can you be surprised it vibrates so powerfully?

In your breath and in each heartbeat, know you are becoming united. Embrace your wholeness. All of the journey moments, all of the stories, and all of the perspectives continue to be there for you to access if you need to, for sharing, for healing, and for understanding, but most of the time, they are now living together in harmony, supporting each other and stepping with you in every moment of your life.

Your heart beat reminds you of this. It reminds you of the wisdom you carry. It reminds you that you are whole even as you work on growth, understanding, and even on healing. It reminds you that you have different ways of seeing and living your story but that they are all part of your universe. Embrace it. Embrace the colours and the wonder. Embrace the darkness and the shadows. Embrace the feelings and the knowing. Embrace the body and the spirit. Embrace the mind and the child. Embrace the wisdom.

Your heart beats for you and travels with you through each moment as it unfolds.

With heartfelt love and wonder,


with Divine Universal and Heart Energies, and with the Earth Magic Oracle Cards.

The Earth Magic Oracle Cards are by Steven Farmer, published by Hay House. ernet.

heart message this february 2022